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Wednesday, July 1st - 10am

July Demo Artist
Thursday, July 9th, 3 - 5pm

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of the Month

Lynn Slade

Watercolors Collages

Demo Artist of the Month - Lynn Slade

My paintings are a combination of watercolor and handmade rice papers known as “Washi” as well as textured papers I make myself. I began working with this combination to try and capture both the color and texture of my subjects and to recreate the mood that these subjects inspired in me.

Looking closely at one of my watercolor collages you will find multiple layers of color enhanced by the unique qualities of the washi itself: small pieces of newsprint, gold threads and specks of silver, bits of bark or leaves, unusual patterns, various textures that draw you into the image. The layering of papers and paint makes both the creation and the finished piece become a tactile experience as well as a visual one.

My watercolor collage paintings have won many awards in both local and national exhibitions and I have been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine, Splash 12, Celebrating Artistic Vision and in Eyes On: Land scapes from Blaze Hill Press. My work can be regularly seen at Petroglyphe Gallery in Mokelumne Hill, CA

For further information, class schedules for 2015, or to view images, go to www.lsladeart.com or email lynn@lsladeart.com