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Wednesday, February 3rd - 10am

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Thursday, February 11th, 3 - 5pm

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of the Month

Ann Erpino


Demo Artist of the Month - Ann Erpino

Ann Erpino began painting imaginary pristine nature in 1976. While earning a BA Degree in Fine Art at U.C. Berkeley she became interested in visual art’s potential to communicate ideas, and proceeded to develop her own visual language. Working initially with natural elements, such as trees, rocks, birds, and water, she conjured up narrative, dreamlike compositions portraying the interplay between nature and culture. She has traveled to many archaeological sites, unusual landscapes, and natural wonders, collecting inspirations and reference materials.

Ann enjoys painting dream scenes, visions, abstract process, and ideas. She has worked with several top scientists in neurobiology and molecular programming, translating their theories and research into art. While currently painting commissioned works for two scientists, she is also adapting several of her existing images for use in an animated film, The Holographic Universe Visualizing a Unified Field, which will be set in outer space. Each painting or drawing in the film will be adapted to describe some aspect of quantum or cosmological mechanics, and will highlight the universe’s vibrating weblike nature. Before dedicating her full time to painting, Ann worked as an art dealer, portraitist, muralist, and workshop host. She currently maintains a studio/gallery at ARTHOUSE on R in Sacramento. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in California, OR, and Texas, and the Chico Museum. They have been featured in films, publications, theater, and on TV. Her award winning paintings and prints belong to collectors worldwide.