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of the Month

Judith Monroe

3-D Multi Media

Demo Artist of the Month - Judith Monroe

Judith Monroe is a mixed media artist with a strong background in traditional and alternative process photographic techniques. She has incorporated mixed media with photography for more than twentyfive years. Traveling on a journey of independent study since her college years, she is constantly expanding her knowledge and bringing more collage, writing, painting and drawing into her finished pieces.

Each artwork begins with a photograph and a desire to capture a memory or evoke emotions while telling a story. She collages photographs, sketches, papers and found items onto a surface, hen gradually adds color with pencils, acrylic glazes, wax pastels and “whatever seems right” for the piece.

The resulting imagery is reminiscent of her personal journal pages, with dominating photos that blend into abstracted landscapes of color and texture; hidden treasures of text and sketches wait for the viewer to discover them. Her artwork consists of layers of physical materials, representing layers of meaning; black and white photographs stand in for the physical world, Judith says, while layers of collage, color and text represent the spiritual, “giving our physical world meaning and substance.”

Judith’s unique creative process has been featured in local and national media. Her artworks are in collections from Sacramento to Scotland. Judith is currently represented in art galleries across Northern California.