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Collagraph Archive:


July 4
Closed for holiday

July 9
Demo artist, Lynn Slade, 3-5pm

July 11
Artist of the Month, Anne McCoughey
Reception 4-7pm

Aug 8
Artist of the Month, Linda Abbott Trapp
Reception 4-7pm

Aug 9
Potters Guild workshop 1-4pm

Aug 13
Demo artist, Cindy Wilbur, 3-5pm

Aug 28 & 29
Pick up & delivery

Sept 1
Fall SAL Juried Show and Sale open

Sept 3
Chamber of Commerce Mixer 5:15 - 7:15pm at SAL

Sept 10 Demo artist, Deanna Hunt, 6-8pm

Sept 12
Juried Show Awards reception 4-7pm

Sept 26
Fall Juried Show and Sale ends

Sep 27 & 28
Pick up for Fall Juried Show


July 14
Pick up & delivery, 9 am at airport New artists hanging be at airport at 9am or make arrangements with the gallery

Oct 13
Pick up & delivery, 10am

Jan 12, 2016
Pick up & delivery, 10am

Note: Any SAL members are interested in hanging their artwork at the airport, please contact Pat Price at 209-451-2240


July 2015

Presidents Message

The Stockton Art League general meeting was held on Monday June 8. Thank you to those members who attended. During the meeting we discussed a proposal to hold an “Art Against Violence” exhibit at the gallery next January. While there were some favorable reasons to hold the exhibit the negatives were stronger and members voted against having the exhibit.

Our Treasurer, Jun Jamosmos presented a financial report covering actual sales and expenses for the first five months of the year in comparison to our budget. So far we are doing well with sales above forecast and expenses in line with the budget.

Jessica Fong and Denny AhTye made a presentation on having member art sales on the internet using the Fine Art America website. Jessica demonstrated how the SAL gallery page would look using board member artwork. The board has approved a six month trial program of member online sales if there is sufficient member interest.

Cliff Johnston led a discussion on possible SAL fundraisers to be held towards the end of this year. While nothing was decided, the board now has several good ideas to develop.

Maria Flumiani informed those present of all of the open positions for committee chairpersons and committee members as well as for Vice President. Please volunteer your time to help out on a committee or as VicePresident of the Art League. We are a member organization and it takes the efforts of all members, not just a few, in order to succeed.

I informed members of activity in the gallery and at the Saigon Restaurant to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Over the next few months there will be construction activity that will affect primarily our entrances, exits and restrooms. This will be a major expense for the gallery this year.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on Wednesday July 1st, 2015 at 10am. Members are welcome to attend all board meetings and to express opinions and offer ideas.

Your President,

Pat Price

Demo Artist of the Month

Lynn Slade: Watercolor Collages

Lynn Slade

My paintings are a combination of watercolor and handmade rice papers known as “Washi” as well as textured papers I make myself. I began working with this combination to try and capture both the color and texture of my subjects and to recreate the mood that these subjects inspired in me.

Looking closely at one of my watercolor collages you will find multiple layers of color enhanced by the unique qualities of the washi itself: small pieces of newsprint, gold threads and specks of silver, bits of bark or leaves, unusual patterns, various textures that draw you into the image. The layering of papers and paint makes both the creation and the finished piece become a tactile experience as well as a visual one.

My watercolor collage paintings have won many awards in both local and national exhibitions and I have been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine, Splash 12, Celebrating Artistic Vision and in Eyes On: Land scapes from Blaze Hill Press. My work can be regularly seen at Petroglyphe Gallery in Mokelumne Hill, CA

For further information, class schedules for 2015, or to view images, go to www.lsladeart.com or email lynn@lsladeart.com

2015 Member Roster booklets now available

If any SAL member did not receive a 2015 Member Roster in the mail, or in person, please come by the gallery during open hours to pick up your copy.

Artist of the Month - Anne McCoughey

Reception • July 13th • 4-7:00pm

Anne McCoughey

Artist’s Statement
I am a career schoolteacher and an avid amateur photographer, roles that serve to counterbalance the challenges of each other.

I classify my work as art photography because many of my creations are reflections or abstracts rather than traditional representational pictures. I’ve had formal instruction, selftraining and lots of onthefly practice with everything from wet darkrooms, pinhole imaging and computer enhancement. My current modus operandi is to carry a small camera at all times, and capture the found art of daily life.

I should use my tripod more often; I should avoid shooting while hanging from fire escapes, lying on gymnasium floors, and leaning from window casements; I’ve learned to ignore the stares of passersby and manage the impatience of my family members while on outings. So many lenses, so much light and energy, so little time!

Art League Member Instructors

John Carruthers
Art classes at Oak Park Senior Center
9:30am - 11:30
209-478-2731 or 209@hotmail.com for details

Jon Guerzon
Jagged Lines of Imagination Academy

Classes focusing on cartoons, comics, and animation.
Come see us at:
4422 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton CA 95207
(209) 479-4128 or www.JLIAcademy.com

Jean Janssen
Hutchins St. Square Community Center Watercolor
Beginner classes: 9am - 11am Thurs.
Intermediate & Advanced: Noon - 3pm Thurs.

Holy Cross Church, Stockton
Beginning Watercolor
Wednesday, 9am-12 noon

Jean Janssen
Oak Park Senior Center, Stockton
Beginners through Advanced:
10am - 12pm Mondays
Fee: $40 per month, $10 per lesson

Linda Ewart
Art lessons for kids
Ages 7 - 12
209- 670-5984

Clemmie King
Chinese Brush Painting (Ink) Workshops

Tina Moore, PSA, PSW
Pastel Painting Workshops/Instruction

Regina Rose
Oils and Acrylics | Adults & Children
The Art Korner
229 E. Alpine Ave.
Stockton, CA 95204

Gay Lynn Saunders
Wire Wrap Jewelry Classes
Private instruction and monthly classes at:
Hutchins Square Community Center,
Lodi, CA

Tony Segale
Watercolor & Brushing Lettering

Nancy Holl-Smith
Lodi Arts Commission
(209) 367-5442

Phoebe Storey
Oil/Acrylic. Register at the gallery

Jeannie Vodden
Watercolor. For class information send
#10 SASE to:
P.O. Box 512, Jackson, CA 95642

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New SAL gallery guidelines for membership

1. Each individual/artist must be a member of the Stockton Art League, and pay one of the existing membership dues levels. Minimum dues are $35/year.

2. Each member may enter up to 4 pieces of their original art work in show (every 2 months). Work must be framed (unless the canvas sides are painted as part of the work) and have a wire hanger.

3. Art work shall be recent work done within the last 4 years. All art work must be for sale. Once submitted, work will remain for the duration of the show, unless it is sold. It may then be replaced without additional fee. Displays may not be changed nor entered after show is hung without consulting Aleen, Gallery Director.

4. There is a $5.00 charge for each painting entry into 2 month show. Exceptions are as follows:

5. There will be a new exhibit approximately every 60 days. Art work may be re-entered every 6 months. Gallery receives 30% commission on all sold work. Schedule is published in the Collagraph Newsletter.

6. Art work will be accepted at the discretion of the Gallery Director. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the Board of Directors for review.

7. When exhibiting their art in Gallery, member is required to staff a minimum of 6 hours per month for each month their work is shown. Shifts are usually 3 hours twice a month, or one 6 hour shift - depending on member preference. If member is unable to staff at their scheduled time/date, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, please notify the Gallery Director at least 24 hours in advance.

8. At time of entry into 2 month show, a calendar will be available for staffing signup. 9. For new members who have a working, full-time paid position of at least 5 days, OR a medical problem that would prevent staffing, the bi-monthly entry fee will be $7.00 per painting (four maximum) with 40% commission to the gallery on each piece sold.

10. Please submit any concerns about the Gallery in writing to Dick Massa, Director of the Gallery.

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