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Collagraph Archive:


Jan 12
Demo Artist, Raoul Mora, 3-5 pm

Jan 14
Artist of the Month, Leo Yeni: Life in an internment camp in Switzerland with selected paintings from Europe and the U.S. (Part of National Holocaust Month)
Reception 4-7pm

Feb 9
Demo Artist, Raoul Mora, 3-5 pm

Feb 11
Artist of the Month, Monette Keil
Reception 4-7pm

Mar 3 & 4
Pick up & Delivery

Mar 9
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5 pm

Mar 11
Artist of the Month, Roosevelt Warren
Reception 4-7 pm

April 8
Artist of the Month, Maria Flumiani, Judy Vivian, Charlene Martin
Reception: 4-7 pm

April 13
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5 pm

April 28 & 29
Pick up & Delivery

May 11
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5 pm

May 13
Artist of the Month, Bobby Walls
Reception, 4-7 pm

Jun 8
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5 pm

Jun 10
Artist of the Month, 1850 Collective
Reception 4-7 pm

Jun 30 & Jul 1
Pick up & Delivery

Jul 8
Artist of the Month, Linda Abbott Trapp
Reception 4-7 pm

Jul 13
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5 pm

Aug 10
Demo Artist, TBA
Reception: 3-5 pm

Aug 12
Artist of the Month, John Lechner
Reception 4-7 pm

Aug 25 & 26
Pick up & Delivery

Note: Any SAL members are interested in hanging their artwork at the airport, please contact Pat Price at 209-451-2240


January 2017

Executive Committee Message

Dear members, An Executive Committee made up of The Board of Directors will be running the board meetings until vacant positions are filled. Currently, the board needs a president and a vice president. Any SAL members interested in filling these two positions please contact Dick Massa or any board member.

The board is considering moving the meeting time to the evening hours to accommodate any prospective new member. These positions must be filled soon.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on Wednesday January 4th, 2017 at 4pm. Members are welcome to attend all board meetings and to express opinions and offer ideas.

Board Executive Committee

Artist of the Month - Leo Yeni

Reception • January 14th • 4-7:00pm Leo Yeni

To honor the United Nations World Holocaust Memorial Day, the Stockton Art League is holding a formal reception of the art of Holocaust survivor, Leo DelaTorre Yeni on January 14, 2017, from 4:00-7:00 at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery. A collection of Yeni’s work done while in an internment camp in Switzerland, is part of the permanent collection in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

Leo Yeni was born in 1920, in Milano, Italy, to Greek Jewish parents. He had studied art as a child, but in 1938, according to Mussolini’s racial laws, he was denied admission to art school. By 1943, the family moved to the town of Lugano on the Swiss border and went into hiding. On his mother’s urging, he illegally escaped across the border into Switzerland but was not allowed to stay. When he returned to Lugano, he found his family had been arrested, and he was advised to return to Switzerland and turn himself in. The authorities assigned him to an internment camp where he stayed until 1943. During his time at camp, Yeni drew sketches of camp life and wrote in his diaries and journals. When his talent was discovered, he was commissioned to do drawings of the camp barracks and other surroundings.

Yeni was eventually given day passes to visit family or to see a doctor in a neighboring town, but on one occasion he visited an art school, was interviewed by the director, and turned in an application for admission. On January 15, 1945, Yeni discovered he had been released from the camp, and 48 hours later, he found himself relocated into an apartment and attending classes at the art school.

By 1946, Yeni was settled in New York and had become a celebrated artist and designer. His paintings have been exhibited at the Salmagundi Club, the American Watercolor Society, Audubon Artists, Hudson Valley Art Association, and Allied Artists of America. He has won more than sixty awards and prizes in local and national exhibitions.

New Time For Board Meetings

Starting with the January 4 Board Meeting, the time has been changed to 4pm to accommodate some new-at large members who work during the day.

Also, four new at-large members were voted in at the December meeting. Welcome Tina Moore, Frieda Stewart, Peig Fairbrook and Jessica Fong. Welcome aboard.

Gallery Sales Receipts

Staffers make sure that you have all the correct information on the sales receipts. Take your time and make sure they are correct. Put date, type of artwork and most important the name of each artist so we know who to pay. Also, put your name at the bottom of the receipt in case you have to be contacted about any questions concerning the sale.

Leo Yeni Raffle

The are still some Leo Yeni raffle ticket available at the front desk of the gallery. This is our first fundraiser of the year. Thanks to all who have already purchased tickets.

Demo Artist of the Month - January 12, 2017

Raoul Mora

Raoul Mora

The drawing classes with Raoul Mora have been a huge success. It meets every second Thursday from 3:00-5:00pm at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery.

The next session will be a continuation of subject matter from the be-ginning session in 2016. Please bring anything you have previously been working on. Getting back to SAL’s roots which started as a critique group, we will reinitiate what was known as The Third Eye by Gail Hazard who was our President from 1960-1962. This was a meeting of members wherein they would bring a painting they were working on or recently completed and have the group go over it to see if there were any improvements that could be made. Serious art students will tell you that many times you learn more at critiques than sometimes doing.

Raoul will conduct the critique at the near end of our drawing session, so bring in one piece of your recent work as well as a pencil and paper for the drawing portion

Stockton Airport Schedule

January 31, 2017

April 18, 2017

July 18, 2017

October 17, 2017

Pick up & delivery, 9 am at airport. Airport receptions, 4-7 pm

Artists hanging at airport are now responsible for delivering and picking up their own artwork

Please submit your label information for each piece of artwork to Dick Massa at least a week before hanging of the show.

Airport Reception Schedule

March 21, 2017

May 16, 2017

August 15, 2017

November 21, 2017

Note: Any SAL members that are interested in hanging their artwork at the airport, please contact Denny Ah-Tye at (209) 639-3720 or: dahtye225@gmail.com

Please check with Denny Ah-Tye before each airport reception, as the date may have changed.


A donation has been made to the SAL in Joan’s name by Dick Massa
Joan Richards

A donation has been made to the SAL in LeDean's name by Dick Massa
LaDean Walkington

Art League Member Instructors

John Carruthers
Art classes at Oak Park Senior Center
9:30am - 11:30
209-478-2731 or 209@hotmail.com for details

Jon Guerzon
Jagged Lines of Imagination Academy

Classes focusing on cartoons, comics, and animation.
Come see us at:
4422 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton CA 95207
(209) 479-4128 or www.JLIAcademy.com

Jean Janssen
Hutchins St. Square Community Center Watercolor
Beginner classes: 9am - 11am Thurs.
Intermediate & Advanced: Noon - 3pm Thurs.

Holy Cross Church, Stockton
Beginning Watercolor
Wednesday, 9am-12 noon

Jean Janssen
Register at OLLI at University of the Pacific
Beginning watercolor
Wednesday, 9am - 12 noon

Linda Ewart
Art lessons for kids
Ages 7 - 12
209- 670-5984

Clemmie King
Chinese Brush Painting (Ink) Workshops

Ines Leontiev Hogan
Tracy Grand Theatre Center for the Arts
Relief Printmaking, Wednesdays, 6-9pm
Monotype Printmaking, Mondays, 7-9pm
Drawing, Tuesdays, 7-9pm
See www.atthegrand.org or: Ileontiev-hogan@gmail.com

Tina Moore, PSA, PSW
Pastel Painting Workshops/Instruction

Raoul Mora
Free Drawing classes
2nd Thursday of every month, 3-5 pm
at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery

Gay Lynn Saunders
Wire Wrap Jewelry Classes
Private instruction and monthly classes at:
Hutchins Square Community Center,
Lodi, CA

Tony Segale
Watercolor & Brushing Lettering

Nancy Holl-Smith
Lodi Arts Commission
(209) 367-5442

Phoebe Storey
Oil/Acrylic. Register at the gallery

Jeannie Vodden
Watercolor. For class information send
#10 SASE to:
P.O. Box 512, Jackson, CA 95642

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Suzy Daveluy

Angela Georgopoulos

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Denny Ah-Tye

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Lynn Reynolds

New SAL gallery guidelines for membership

1. Each individual/artist must be a member of the Stockton Art League, and pay one of the existing membership dues levels. Minimum dues are $35/year.

2. Each member may enter up to 4 pieces of their original art work in show (every 2 months). Work must be framed (unless the canvas sides are painted as part of the work) and have a wire hanger.

3. Art work shall be recent work done within the last 4 years. All art work must be for sale. Once submitted, work will remain for the duration of the show, unless it is sold. It may then be replaced without additional fee. Displays may not be changed nor entered after show is hung without consulting Aleen, Gallery Director.

4. There is a $5.00 charge for each painting entry into 2 month show. Exceptions are as follows:

5. There will be a new exhibit approximately every 60 days. Art work may be re-entered every 6 months. Gallery receives 30% commission on all sold work. Schedule is published in the Collagraph Newsletter.

6. Art work will be accepted at the discretion of the Gallery Director. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the Board of Directors for review.

7. When exhibiting their art in Gallery, member is required to staff a minimum of 6 hours per month for each month their work is shown. Shifts are usually 3 hours twice a month, or one 6 hour shift - depending on member preference. If member is unable to staff at their scheduled time/date, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, please notify the Gallery Director at least 24 hours in advance.

8. At time of entry into 2 month show, a calendar will be available for staffing signup. 9. For new members who have a working, full-time paid position of at least 5 days, OR a medical problem that would prevent staffing, the bi-monthly entry fee will be $7.00 per painting (four maximum) with 40% commission to the gallery on each piece sold.

10. Please submit any concerns about the Gallery in writing to Dick Massa, Director of the Gallery.

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