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Artist of the Month

Jean Janssen

Artist Reception: November 14th

Jean Janssen was born in Tempe, Arizona where she showed an early childhood interest in painting and drawing. She has lived in Stockton for over 40 years.

Jean later began taking watercolor classes from Evelyn Wright. It was at this time she began to take an interest in painting landscapes. She credits these classes for giving her a strong foundation of basic traditional techniques and knowledge of individual styles of accomplished artists.

Jean began to develop her own style and skills which were enriched by taking classes and workshops from such renowned artists as George Post, Robert E. Wood, Frank Webb, and Zolton Szabo. They taught her the delicate balance between painting loosely yet convincingly through strong shapes and good design. She now passes on this knowledge to her students.

Recently Jean has been exploring many new techniques, materials and subjects. She has mastered the use of Yupo paper, and abstractions. These recent works are winning her a new audience in shows and are incorporated in her teaching. “I enjoy the experience of letting the paint reveal shapes, lines, forms and colors to my imagination.”

Jean is a studio painter as well as an outdoor painter. She sees beauty all around her and is eager to share it. “Any scene is a possible painting for me provided the light and shapes attract my eye.”

Jeans shows her work in many regional shows while maintaining her teaching and painting schedulesmaking her an extremely active, accomplished, and respected artist. “The struggle to master the medium I’m sure will keep me painting for many years to come. Watercolor is best when left to do it’s own thing.”

Having won many regional awards for her watercolor paintings, Jean’s paintings are widely collected both regionally and nationally.

She is a member of Midwest Watercolor Society, Stockton Art League, and Lodi Community Art Center.